DAAR shared space

Co-working space @Rotsoord in Utrecht

In the summer of 2016 Leentje and I started working on a co-working space. We were sharing a temporary studio nearby and wanted to create an urban office for like-minded people. Mostly creatives, independents, freelancers in search for colleagues.

Little did I know it would grow out to be a pièce de résistance. For years both a curse and a blessing. Cause gee, what a difficult market to earn a few extra bucks.

And along came C…

Leentje decided to leave the ship – so right now I’m running it on my own. I see people getting more productive, starting new business plans and relations, trying new things together, I just can’t stop!

Especially during the lockdown DAAR was a beacon of tranquility. And it still is. I would like to invite you to come and visit us! Grab your laptop and work for a couple of hours or come with your whole team and act like you own the place!